I dont want to be rich! & rant

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Hi, sorry my first post is a money making question but here goes.

Can somebody give me a few suggestion to make just 50k an hour, but something that a true noob can do. And if i can do it on mobile (ar work) even better


All the guides im comming across keep suggesting methods to make 600k an hour. Or how to make bond in a day and all you need is lvl 58 crafting, 2mill gp, or lvl 44 farming or some other skill i simply dont posses. I get that the clickbait titles are there to get clicks and with such a mature game the guides are aimed at people who already know the game. Im just starting out and i only need enough cash to fund gearing up for quests etc.
And I also get that people who know what they are doing CAN do this stuff and in the months to come so will I. But right here right now I hope there is something that will fund my learning curve.

To be clear. Im not ranting at the game. Im ranting at youtube and the way the guides with all the make amazing money rise to the top.

Current bank ballance 13k

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By far the easiest methods involve taking items that other players leave on the ground. Some examples:

collect iron ore that power-miners drop - around 100k per hour

collect cowhides - around 50k-100k per hour depending on if you kill them yourself (You'll also make even more if you tan the hides before selling)

collect big bones from hill giants - upward of 100k per hour depending on speed

These are probably the easiest f2p methods that have virtually no requirements.

18-Mar-2019 22:18:33

Iron Robsham
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I think you'll be much better off getting your skills up a bit and then worrying about making money, rather than the other way round.

You can have afk, or you can have no requirements, but you can have both.
Anyone that wants catering to make ironman easier should be renamed wannabe-man and have their ironman icon replaced with a dunce hat.

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Go to a pvp world or BH- world and loot stuff that is left behind after players kill eachother, you dont need any stats for this whatsoever. Just dont be that type of looter that instantly goes onto a pile once someone got a kill, let the pker loot first.

But as mentioned earlier, its better to focus on training your non buyable skills first, rather than worrying about money.

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