Jagex, fix your bot detection

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Joe Bill64
Oct Member 2018

Joe Bill64

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Common, this is unacceptable. I can't escape the blatant botted accounts. Can't even play w/o coming across high total lvl, so called accounts, botting. 100+ combat with multiple 99s. Done. Do something more effective.

It really is pathetic after 20 years. Can't seem to get it right.

The best I can do is say "you are reported." All the while hoping they actually get the banhammer.

I mean, what needs to be done to prevent high lvl accounts from getting massive amounts of botted xp? I can give definite proof everytime.

I know Jmods browse these forums. Look at my account reports (60 secs?) Watch these accounts. Hell, get on an account yourselves and skill w them.

Jagex bot team - Let your co-workers/managers know, this is a growing problem.

*Look at all the Play Store reviews saying bots are out of control.

23-Feb-2019 10:42:24



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Exactly. You basically offer NOTHING by saying this.

"Fix the botting problem." You think Jagex is sitting there going "well shit, we've never considered just fixing the botting problem before. Thanks, Joe Bill64"?

I'll tell you how to fix the botting problem: remove F2P, remove bonds, and require verified personal information to create an account.

Most bots are F2P so they don't incur any loss when the account gets banned. Requiring membership to play the game at all would severely disincentivize botting due to the associated cost of making an account.

Bonds allow for people to pay for membership (thus bypassing the first solution) by playing the game. With enough starting capital, a botter can simply make enough money to pay for membership entirely through bonds, even as their accounts keep getting banned.

Finally, verified personal information would make it so anyone who gets banned for botting would never be able to make another account again. There's no real punishment for botting because new accounts are so easy to make. If you, as in the person behind the screen, were the one getting banned, not your account, you might not risk your account so easily, and those that do would be gone forever.

None of those things will happen. Here's why:

F2P is an excellent way for new players to try the game, and it allows for them to play the game to earn membership. It's basically an unlimited trial. It attracts more players, which means Jagex will never get rid of it.

Bonds make Jagex way more money than regular membership. People with real life capital can basically pay a higher rate of membership for other players who simply play more. Jagex retains customers who otherwise might quit due to real life financial problems, and makes more money in the process.

The last is a simple matter of anonymity and security. Very few people would be willing to offer personal information to a company just to play a retro online game like OSRS.
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23-Feb-2019 11:30:54

Joe Bill64
Oct Member 2018

Joe Bill64

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Well, that was in depth. These are main accounts, not mules or pawns. You are over-thinking this. I am merely stating their bot detection isn't doing its' job. Because what it is trying to detect is outdated software.

Need I pull up my 3 months of observations, via a thread on OSRS General? -Longer outside what I've posted here.

Anyvways thanks for your concern and responses, I do appreciate all feedback.

I did not say "Fix the bot problem"... Re-read my title and try again. I am way past " amg bots are so bad pls fix jagex ban them all."

23-Feb-2019 11:50:54

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are you sure you're not just assuming that alts are bots? the games always been full of bots i've been around since the hayday and frankly its mountains better than it used to be. sure alts make it a bit confusing to know whats a bot and what isnt now but the overall amount is the lowest its been perhaps since the start of rs1.

23-Feb-2019 12:56:20

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