can i be banned if

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Blakk Ash
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Blakk Ash

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sup buds... well, here is the thing. im venezuelan and i saw a thread about "trades", and that we can get banned for that, the thing is that a clan mate gave me a regen bracelet (2m) and i gave it back to him.... can i get banned for that trade??? what if jagex guess i was RWTing???? help

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Iron Robsham
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Iron Robsham

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If that's really all there is to it you should be fine. People lend friends much more gear than that all the time without getting banned. Anyone that wants changes to make ironman easier should be renamed wannabe-man and have their ironman icon replaced with a dunce hat.

23-Aug-2019 07:07:04



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You don't get banned for trading or gifting away items! To get banned for rwt, your account must've been hardcored traded away high valued stuffs in short time to random players which will flag your account for abnormal activities! My goals and achievements on F2P accounts! ---> Thread! <---

23-Aug-2019 08:20:37

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