Blackjacking and low latency

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In an attempt to grind thieving levels for some of the hard diaries, I have begun looking into blackjacking which supposedly gives high xp rates per hour as long as you click effectively. I believe I am pretty good at the clickety clicks, so I decide to give it a shot and I run into a sort of glaring problem.

From the videos I have seen, it is apparent that, with good tick manipulation, players are able to pickpocket bandits twice while knocked out. For some reason, this technique has become impossible for me to duplicate. I have tried every combination of timing possible and yet, despite my best efforts, I am only able to pick a bandit once before they pop back up. I can only guess that the latency of the server or world I am on is somehow causing enough of a delay between when I click and the action being taken by my character.

Now, considering the xp rates this is supposed to bring in, even missing one pick on a bandit can be kind of a big hindrance. So, what is the solution I should be aiming for here? Find a better world? Git gud nub? Or is this some kind of bug that can be addressed?

20-Mar-2019 02:44:24

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Hi 3ngag3,

I know how frustrating blackjacking can be and how click-intensive it is to train Thieving. It takes a while to get the hang of it but for me, what I do is:

1. Knock-out
2. Right-click pickpocket right away (when you see the NPC say "Zzzzzz";)
3. Right-click pickpocket right away
4. Knock-out right away and repeat

Another less click-intensive method is pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne in world 378 (unofficial world).

To do this efficiently, go to Options > Controls > switch NPC 'Attack' Options to hidden.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions! :)
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20-Mar-2019 08:26:41

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