Fuck shield of Arrav quest

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This quest is an absolute joke. Why on earth is this quest a fucking requirement for the heroes quest?? WHY do we have to rely on somebody else to finish this simple quest that shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to complete??

But because fJagex decided this is a community game, I basically get raped by idiots charging any where from 100k to 1M just to get the opposite gang cert. WHYYY im so angry at this game and this company.

06-Mar-2019 04:01:22

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Sorry, you're having trouble with the quest. I would recommend going to a free to play world where there are plenty of people who can assist you with the quest. Simply calm down have patience, and you'll get the quest done in no time.

06-Mar-2019 04:05:09



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I got mine done without paying anyone. Maybe you'd have an easier time finding someone willing to do the quest with you if you weren't so toxic. I'll keep score from now on.
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06-Mar-2019 05:44:12

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Hi Tinymite,

I know it must be frustrating to try to finish a quest with a requirement to rely on a partner, which was why I kind of put it off to finish the quest for a bit.

However, I was able to finish Shield of Arrav and the Heroes Quest without paying someone.

You have two options:

1. Posting in this thread: Quests - Heroes & Arrav
2. Joining the official quest chat "OSRS SOA"

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you find a partner to finish these quests! :)
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06-Mar-2019 06:00:04

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