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Ohana Clan

Ohana Clan

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1) Treat other clan members with respect

Do not discriminate against / be racist to / harass / argue with other members.
Be mindful of sensitive topics: avoid excessive NSFW / religious / political topics, especially if it makes others uncomfortable. If you really want to discuss these topics, do it via private chat. Avoid tasteless jokes, especially about suicide/self harm.

2) Follow Jagex rules

This includes scamming, spamming, advertising, and asking for or providing others' personal information.

If you choose to loan items or share accounts this is done at your own risk! Ask for collateral and be sure practice good account safety.

3) No begging

4) English-only, please

5) Follow moderator instructions
Our moderators do their best to keep the clan running smoothly. Follow instructions given by the staff and do not backseat moderate. If you have questions, feel free to message a moderation team member.

6) We're a family, and a community please act like it.

These rules aren't meant to restrict you from talking, but we need to keep the clan chat a pleasant place for people to hang around in. Let's all do our best to make sure everyone feels welcomed! If you have questions, feel free to message anyone in the moderation team.

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Ohana Clan

Ohana Clan

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Once you have been admitted into the clan, you will be given a smiley rank. Feel free to drop by and hang around without submitting an application, though!

Banana ranks will be given out based on activity and attendance within the clan. Be present and be involved with our family!

Star ranks are able to kick and are reserved for moderation.

Do not excessively ask or beg for ranks.

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