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~ A Social & Skilling Clan ~


Welcome, grab a chair. How would you like your coffee? How about medium roast, two cubes of sugar, ¼ milk and a friendly clan chat :)

Our clan chat has no level or skill requirement to enter our doors. We are P2P and F2P friendly. Anyone is welcome!

Our goal as a clan is to provide a warm and friendly environment for our guests and members. We want everyone to have a voice and to feel welcome! We are not the biggest clan but we prefer it this way, as newcomers tend to get overshadowed by large crowd. We instead strive to create a smaller more intimate clan, with a great variety of people from all over the world. We're inviting strangers in hopes that they will become part of this small family one day.


Clan Chat:

Discord Server:

(We encourage all members to sign up to the Discord server as majority of activity is there)

Founded: 27th November 2018
Homeworld: 307
No skill or combat requirements
P2P & F2P friendly

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Our clan rules apply to all members and guests of the clan chat, staff included.

(1) Respect

One of the key values of our community. Respect all of your fellow clanmates in the community, regardless of rank.

(2) No Flaming/Discrimination

We're all here for a good time and jokes can be made, but know the limit as to when it becomes an insult. Racist, sexist or generally untoward comments are not welcome.

(3) Follow the Rules of Runescape

No activities that are against the rules of the game are welcome in our clan. This includes botting, RWT, bug exploits, scamming, impersonation and dicing. Refer to the rules on the RS website for a full list.

(4) No Multi-Clanning

We want you all to ourselves! You're welcome to join other CC's for the purposes of minigames and ingame activities but otherwise we prefer you stick with us full-time.

(5) Activity

Members are not subject to event activity requirements, however some regular in-game/Discord activity must be shown. Should you be inactive for a period of greater than 2 weeks, you must notify the clan on Discord channel or the RS forum.
Memberlist sweeps will be undertaken every 3 months. If you have not been sighted by a member of staff for a period greater than 1 month, you may be removed.

(6) Discord

Using Discord is not a requirement for normal clan members, however it is a requirement for all Staff members.
Your RuneScape in-game name must mirror your Discord name for transparency.

(7) 'Alt' Accounts

Members are welcome to have multiple accounts in the clan chat, however note that your member rank will only be applied to one account at a time. This rank can be interchanged between accounts if requested.

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If you believe you've been mistreated in the clan chat, please contact a member of our staff team directly. We ask that screenshots are provided for proof of your claims.

Any members found breaking rules will result in the following actions:

Step 1
- A warning will be issued either in the clan chat or in a private message;
Step 2
- If the warning is ignored, you will be removed from the clan chat for 1 hour (kicked);
Step 3
- Ongoing misbehavour will result in removal from the clan chat for 1 week;
Step 4
- The final straw, you will be permenantly removed/banned from the clan.

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General (Gold Star) - Founder

This rank is held by the original clan Founders only.
Obese Doge

General (Gold Star) - Leader

Leaders are responsible for the day-to-day administration and management of the clan.
Current Leaders:
Alex Eh

Captain (Silver Star) - Senior Moderator

Senior Moderators are long serving staff members responsible for moderating the clan chat and Discord server, and assisting Leaders.
Current Moderators:
Zero 0x

Lieutenant (Bronze Star) - Moderator

Moderators are responsible for moderating in the clan chat and Discord server, and running clan events and skill competitions.
Current Staff:
Goy Story

Note - Staff ranks are awarded to members through continued activity within the clan chat and Discord server. Promotions are at the discretion of the Clan Leaders.

Sergeant (Three Chevrons) - Senior Member

Our highest standard member rank. Members for 16+ weeks.

Corporal (Two Chevrons) - Member

Regular member rank. Members for 8 weeks.

Recruit (One Chevron) - Member

Regular member rank. Members for 2 weeks.

Friend (Smiley) - Trial Member

New member of the clan that has applied and had their application approved.

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Want to join our friendly community of coffee-lovers? You're just one step away!

Copy, paste and fill out the application below into a post on this forum thread. Your application will be reviewed by a Leader for approval. We don't monitor this thread 24/7, so feel free to join the clan chat and notify a Staff Member if you have posted an application ready for review.


What is your RSN?
Were you referred by anyone in the clan?
What are your favorite activities to do on Runescape?
Where do you live and what timezone are you in?
How often do you play?
Have you read our clan rules and do you agree to abide by these rules?
How do you drink your Coffee?
Do you use Discord?

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Our clan hosts frequent skilling competitions or 'Skill Weeks' to provide members with a little extra motivation. The top three place getters during each competition accrue points which can ultimately be redeemed for prizes.

Previous Competitions

#8 - Runecrafting
Sep 20 to Sep 27 2019
Winners: TBC

#7 - Fishing
Sep 6 to Sep 13 2019
Winners: Kinjaz (1), Detredwings (2), Upaymybillz (3)

#6 - Agility
Aug 23 to Aug 30 2019
Winners: Kinjaz (1), Orange Pekoe (2), Keyfob (3)

#5 - Overall
Aug 9 to Aug 16 2019
Winners: Keyfob (1), Orange Pekoe (2), Kinjaz (3)

#4 - Cooking
May 25 to May 31 2019
Winners: Kinjaz (1), Detredwings (2), Bandosorbust (3)

#3 - Thieving
Apr 13 to Apr 19 2019
Winners: Kinjaz (1), Detredwings (2), Orange Pekoe (3)

#2 - Mining
Mar 16 to Mar 22 2019
Winners: Kinjaz (1), Malacuto (2), Scarlet Pain (3)

#1 - Agility & Woodcutting
Feb 2 to Feb 9 2019
Winners: Kinjaz (Overall), Alex Eh (Woodcutting), Malacuto (Agility)

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