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Obelus CC

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Obelus CC

Hello to you all reading this! We are the clan
Obelus CC
. We are a PvM and Skilling based. We have a lot of people who are experienced in PvM and who enjoy skilling. We do daily PVM trips and bi-weekly skilling events. All events will be updated on this forum and all events are posted in our discord. This page will be served as a table of contents listing what we all have posted on this thread.

Table of Contents:

1. Quick introduction
2. More in depth of who we are
3. Clan Requirements
4. Ranking Information
5. Ranking Information continued
6. Clan Rules
7. PvM splitting and rules
8. Clan Application
9. Generals/Captains/Lieutenants
10. Monthly Clan Event info.

Clan Name Meaning

An obelus (symbol: ÷ or †, plural: obeluses or obeli) is a symbol consisting of a short horizontal line with a dot above and another dot below, and in other uses it is a symbol resembling a small dagger. In mathematics it is mainly used to represent the mathematical operation of division. It is therefore commonly called the division sign. In editing texts an obelus takes the form of a dagger mark (†) and is used as a reference mark, or to indicate that a person is dead

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Obelus CC

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Clan Name - Obelus CC


We are mainly a US/CANADA/EUROPE based clan

Hello! We constantly going on bossing trips and pushing members to better their accounts. We will gladly introduce you to bosses that you haven't been to before and help you learn to become comfortable with them.

We are an active clan that are constantly looking for people to come in and join. We are looking for honest and trustworthy members that are looking to have a good time.

We have an open discord policy. We post a lot of information regarding clan events/polls/SOTW info, and so much more. In order to get an invite to the discord you need get in touch with a star rank. You will receive limited access as a guest/trialist and gain full access to channels once the trialist phase has completed and a recruit rank has been earned.

You need to APPLY to the clan in order to be added as a member of the clan. It is open to the public but still need applications to know information about you and what you are bringing to the cc!

Clan Leaders


Strength Lvl


Lunar Red
Laika Senpai
Let It Bleed


Lord Keithus
Cold Vesper
Wife or RS

We offer :

-Skilling (doing bi-weekly competitions)
-PVM (All bosses!)
-Mini games
-Social Interaction
-Group Discord
-Weekly Clan Events (get to vote on discord and make suggestions!)
-Just be involved!

Clan name -
Obelus CC

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Clan Requirements

Main Accounts - 1500 Total Lvl

Ironmen - 1300 Total Lvl

We have this requirement to keep the clan chat conversations based around High level content. Once you apply, a star rank member will review your app. Once accepted into clan you will start your
week-long trial phase
before granted the recruit rank in the clan chat.

If you don't meet the requirements but want to hang out in the clan chat you are more than welcome to. You won't be able to obtain a rank until you meet the requirements.

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Ranking System

Smiley face
- Trial phase of 1 week. After the week is over you will obtain a rank.

- This rank will be given out after the trial phase is completed. To be able to keep this rank you need to be present in the clan chat! This member might be shy and not as involved with doing clan activities.

- Members of the clan who are becoming more involved. Aren’t as shy and are interested in being more active and involved in what is going on in the clan chat.

- Really active members of the clan, willing to help out here and there if needed. Answers some questions if they are asked. Willing to recruit members here and there if it is needed and casually bumps the forums. They are trust worthy and don’t mind reporting to higher ranks if an issue were to occur. Shows dedication to the game and to the clan.

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Obelus CC

Obelus CC

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- This is a position of loyalty to the clan. A member of moderation of the clan chat. This role helps enforce rules.They help mod the chat and give out advice if it is needed. They are more active and help try to get people involved in activities. Bump the forum at least once when they are online. You can address this person if you might have a small issue that can be resolved. They report to higher ranks on any issue that is going on in the clan. This role will also be in charge of hosting a monthly clan event if it is asked of them to do so. All star ranks will alternate weeks and members to host a clan event. May be asked to focus on 1 role strictly for them to hel

- A member of the moderations of the clan chat. This member has worked their way up from a bronze star. They help enforce rules. They are someone you can trust and rely on. Bumps the forums at least once when they are on and helps recruit. Seek to these members for advice or questions to be answered if needed. They can address some issues - if they can’t resolve an issue they will seek a General. A captain can suggest someone they think should rank up in any tier - generals will then look into it. This member will also need to host a clan event when it is their turn. These members can invite you to discord. Captains will have the option to kick if it is justified. Will need to report to a general if a kick is to occur to discuss issues. May be asked to focus on 1 role strictly for them to help delegate the work load.

- An admin of the clan. This role is someone you can trust and rely on. This member has continued to go above and beyond their duties. This role will at least bump the forums once or twice when they are online. Please seek a general if you have any questions or need advice. This role will be delegated a specific role so the clan runs smoothly. This role will have the final say in rank ups.

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Clan Rules


1. No scamming. We have a 0 tolerance scam policy. We won't accept applications if you have been on RSJ. Scamming a former clan mate or RS player is an automatic ban.
2. Do NOT be racist.
3. NO DRUG TALK. Just because it might be legal where you are at doesn't mean it is elsewhere. Please take it to the PMs.
4. Do not try to start fights on purpose or flame people. We like to keep the chat friendly.
5. Please be respectful of others and keep in mind everyone reacts to what is said differently.
6. Try your best to keep politics and religion out of the clan as those easily can spark arguments that are not wanted.
7. Any rule breaking of Runescape will be an automatic ban from the discord and from the clan.
8. Do not bring up any drama that has happened in the past or do not create drama on purpose.
9. Staking is allowed but we have a NO STAKING talk policy.
10. Listen to Star Ranks.
11. Keep the clan chat English only. Please take other language-dominant conversations to PMs.
12. When online, please be diligent and be in the clan chat whenever possible.

== If you have an issue with another clan member - please try to resolve it as peacefully as you can. If you can't get to an agreement/good place please get a General or Captain involved to try and help you work your differences out. ==

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Clan Boss Rules

We are a mix of a PvM/Social clan. We decided that we would add PvM rules to make it more fair to those who do a little extra work.
These rules are to be followed and discussed before the beginning of any PvM trip.

Bandos and Zammy

Option 1. -- If you guys are going Bandos or Zammy the tank should get boots/shards to make up for them doing more work. They should also be getting the loot at the end being evenly split with the bossing party--
Option 2. -- If you have a tank you can decide if you want option 1 or you can do a split of 40-30-30. 40% of the ENTIRE trip going to the tank and then 30-30 going to the other members (ex being a trio) Ex - team gets 20m in loot - tank gets 8m and the other 2 members get 6m each. Pvm trips VARY so this will not be 100% accurate every time as you aren't promised loot every trip
--It needs to be discussed before your trip is started and needs to be very clear!--

Other bosses

-- It is to be discussed before the start of any other PvM trips like - Raids, Sara, Arma, Corp, Scorpia, etc. if it is going to be a FFA (free for all) or if the loot will be evenly split at the end of the trip. --


If you scam ANY members of the clan you will be BANNED and we will report you to RSJ. Members should take screenshots of loot split for evidence to RSJ. We have a 0 tolerance for scammers.

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Clan Application

Please fill out the application.

1. What is your RSN?

2. What is your combat level and total level?

3. Have you read the clan rules? Please list at least 2.

4. What will you do to help better our clan? And will you give feedback?

5. Will you be willing to recruit or help bump the forums?

6. Favorite activity in osrs? (skill, boss, etc.)

7. What is your timezone?

8. How did you find the clan or did someone recommend it to you?

9. Have you been in a clan before? If yes, what was your reason for leaving and have you notified them of your clan change?

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This will be an UPDATED clan events calendar for those who aren't apart of the discord or are on the forums and curious as to what events are being held. Discord has the time of the events and so does our clan Instagram account for those who are serious about the clan.
-Please let a star rank know if you would like to host an event. We will add it to the calendar-

Monthly Events:

See clan Discord

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