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1. What is your RSN? Japanese

2. What is your combat level and total level? 126 / 2218

3. Have you read the clan rules? Please list at least 2. no scamming & no drug talk

4. What will you do to help better our clan? And will you give feedback? I am pretty knowledgeable about the game and enjoy helping others. I enjoy making new friends as well.

5. Will you be willing to recruit or help bump the forums?sure of course :D

6. Do you like to do any PVM? Favorite bosses? I enjoy lots of bosses.

7. What is your timezone? est
‹•*Ί*•: 2235/2277•*Ί*•›

‹•*Ί*• Social: Kawaii Foxes •*Ί*•›

‹•*Ί*• LPC: Fatality •*Ί*•›

14-Apr-2019 22:34:28

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