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i don't know why the graphics isn't updated like in 08-09? i remember the excitement when you could se through the water and the armor where shinning from the lights etc.

Bring the 08-09 graphics back!!
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20-Aug-2018 17:49:12

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to rs3? or osrs?

rs3 - no why would we do that.... downgrade to graphics -- i personally dont care for graphics but its still a downgarde

osrs - when osrs was "created" it wasnt re-made it was just made live in a different server. the thing they made live was what was saved before. (07)

its not like they have a switch
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Because modern gamers don't like outdated graphics or else you will see developers all come out with old school graphics. I believe that's also one of the reasons that Jagex never really supported RSC.

From the perspective of a veteran video game player, old timer graphics may still be OK but modern time gamers, particularly teens don't fall in love with old graphics at all.

20-Aug-2018 18:36:46

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Because people wanted RuneScape just like it was 2007... but with GE... and GWD... and better graphics... and new gear...

sounds oddly familiar but i can't be sure

Have to agree here.
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