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At this moment most all the bosses we have are solo able and farm able at eny given time in the day ( KBD, raids I, raids II by woox, GWD, etc ) , i thought of a boss which is a world boss, wont be an instance nor a safe dying place, spawns once in X amount of hours and cannot be killed alone due to some specific mechanics of the boss( this mechanics can be suggested by the community)the idea to make special mechanics which will make it impossible to solo,the drop wont be to the player who dealt the most damage but will be like in Wintertod and the loot will be scaled with the damage dealt, since it isn't an instance you may lose all the items you carry on, this will make it high risk content, the rewards can be discussed later on if the idea is good enough , the boss can be located in Menaphos since there is nothing really there.

Some mechanics for the boss:
5 tiles gets highlighted and 5 players have to stand there or the boss is immune to damage.
The boss will spawn adds which will deal damage to the player and will heal the boss for that amount.
The boss will attack anyone in a shape of a cone in front of it for X amount of damage and will poison.
Boss will slam the ground in a line in specific area and knock the players away and stun them for 2 sec.
** I don't know if there is any mechanic in the game which is similar to Taunt like in WoW, if not it can be implemented as an item, and will work same as in WoW.

The main point of the content is to be impossible to farm and to be difficult because all the player which are coming have to know what they are doing otherwise the boss wont be killed.

Rewards can be varied as i said before scaled by the damage dealt to the boss, could include pet, special items.

I would like to know what the players think of it, if you liked it and want to add something i will be glad to read your suggestions for this boss, mechanics, rewards, style etc..

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it's hard with such a lack of details. I also didn't read the whole thing because it was boring. Try using colors and spacing to make it more interesting

Some good examples:
and endless more found just by checking my threads.
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