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Slayer enchantments which are used to enchant Slayer Staff is heavily outclassed by trident of the seas as well as Ibans staff in terms of accuracy and DPS. People will say that Slayer Staff (e) is only catered to Ironmen, despite the fact that you almost never see anyone maging through slayer tasks such as Kalphites, Greater/Black demons, Bloodvelds etc.

The idea behind this suggestion is to revive dead content, than being to buff Slayer Enchantments so that single target magic spells will be more viable for higher level slayer as have the enchantments serve for alternate uses in other slayer Equipment.

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1. (Slayer Enchantments available from the Slayer Masters for 10pts each) Can still be accessible from NPC's.

2. Slayer enchantments can be used to enchant (Slayer Helm, Rock Hammer, Lit Bug Lantern, Leaf Bladed weapons, Witchwood Icon, and other slayer items).

3. Since Slayer enchantments are a stack able item, you can charge an item up to 10,000 charges however those charges cannot be refunded. In addition any effects can be toggled to off similar to ring of suffering recoil effect.

a. Slayer Helm (e) : 1 slayer enchantment provides 300 charges to this helm, 1 charge is consumed per successful hit. Similar to Serpentine helm, the Slayer helm (e) will have a 1/20 chance to venom (slayer monster on the given task). In addition when equipped will grant immunity from poison.

b. Rock hammer (e): 1 slayer enchantment provides 300 charges. Rock hammer will consume 1 hit and can be used to smash Gargoyles at 20 hitpoints or less (instead of 10 hp)

c. Leaf Bladed weapons (e): 1 slayer enchantment provides 300 charges. The weapons will gain +20 in Stab, Crush, and Slash in attack bonuses as well as +6 to strength. 1 charge is consumed per successful hit

d. Witchwood Icon (e): 1 slayer enchantment provides 300 charges. This amulet will gain +8 in all attack and defensive bonuses. +1 to strength and +2 to prayer. In addition while wearing the amulet will deal 15% more damage to Cave Horrors. 1 charge is consumed per cave horror mage attack.

c. Eternal Staff (e) (new item) : 1 slayer enchantment = 300 charges. Dropped from Kalphite Queen. Requires 85 magic and 85 slayer to wield. The weapon provides +25 to magic atk and the same DPS as Tridents and deals an additional 15% damage and accuracy when casting Slayer Dart spell on monsters of that Slayer task.

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Ijoinedthis said:

well, for starters, you can press the "bump" button to bump threads.Also, this is extremely OP and would forever ruin the game. I like the concept, but maybe tone it down a little?
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