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Apr Member 2019


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I'd like it if the chin pet wasn't completely exclusive to chins why is the hunter pet exclusive to one piece of the content? Herbiboars got in because they were snuck in without a poll, but until you get to those there is no reason to do anything else the moment you get to chins all because of that pet.

25-Feb-2019 23:29:38

Dec Member 2018


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Because there are many different types of species to hunt. However, with this glorious suggestion, I'm sure we could make it so that you can only catch or hunt ladybugs and butterflies and it'd be easier to create hunter pets for two different types of species rather than for 20 or so. I haven't clicked on any phishing links and as a result, I haven't gotten hacked. Git gud nubnubs.

26-Feb-2019 03:08:52

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