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I don't see why not, as long as it doesn't mess up with the interface (reducing space). I'm thinking the button to open the notepad could be somewhere on the "account management" section.

04-Jul-2019 13:19:28

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I've got no issues with adding a notepad in OSRS; I didn't use the one on RS too often, but it was handy the few times that I did leave myself short notes there.

06-Nov-2019 00:44:07

Bent Truth
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Bent Truth

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Personally I wouldn't see a problem with adding a notepad assuming it wouldn't be difficult or time-consuming enough to excessively pull away from other updates. As others have mentioned, most computers have a notepad built in so it might not be too useful for them, but would certainly be a haven for mobile users!

06-Nov-2019 03:32:43

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