Lockable combat styles.

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Sir Unami
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Sir Unami

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I think that the ability to grey out attack styles in your combat tab making them unusable would be awesome. For pure it gives you the comfort of not messing it up, pvp/bossing when I "F" tab sometimes I miss click to defensive, with mage or range I miss click out of rapid, or to shared defensive, just a thought would help with me fat fingering on mobile so even just there would be perfect.

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Minus the greying out bit.... doesn't this already kind of exist?

With the update made a few weeks ago (see the Autocasting and Attack Styles section of the linked newspost), if you always want weapons to be on a certain style, you can equip that weapon, change the style to the one you want, and then swap between others and each will remember the style you had last. If you always want range to be on rapid, then set it to be rapid; each time you equip that style of range weapon, it will be set to rapid.

If you have everything set for each weapon the way you want it, in the case of a pure, you shouldn't ever really need to change styles after that.

I get that you might want it to be more specific than the current behavior, but the current behavior does offer some of what you are suggesting when compared to the old behavior that used to be in place.

P.S. - If you could, please edit the last line out of your post - best to stick to the suggestion, rather than bait or discuss other players. A post above was also removed as it only discussed another player.

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