Fred the farmer botting

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Hi... i'm finally back in RS playing again after a long time break from 01-06ish. Im playing my new HCIM training at Fred the Farmers house... and I can count over 10+ bots coming by to do the Farmers quest every few minutes. Its currently to a ratio of about 10 bots to 1 real human who come by the path.

I keep the gates closed and the bots get confused with me closing the gate on them after they just opened it and start doing weird things. Each bot does the exact same response to my closed gate. No one ever says anything in chat like "wtf".

Is this game just 80% bots? What is being done to monitor bot use? Why play this game if its all bots?

08-Mar-2019 21:11:08



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Another "suggestion" complaining about bots.

Unless you've suddenly developed some method to instantly detect and ban bots with 100% success rate, these suggestions are pointless.

Until then, report them. Jagex will deal with the rest.
I'll keep score from now on.
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08-Mar-2019 21:38:26

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