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Considering the fact that Raids is nothing but brutally murdering a dragon/lizard/olm for its possessions (which makes us ruthless murderers btw), what's the lore behind it? Are we the thieves/bandits/rogues/criminals or is Olm the criminal here? Discuss.

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Support. This is no different than PKers trying to go to any resource area in the wilderness and steal the hard-earned resources of skillers who consented to having to risk for reward. I'd like to know the story behind this as well. I haven't clicked on any phishing links and as a result, I haven't gotten hacked. Git gud nubnubs.

26-Feb-2019 06:46:08

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Olm is known as the guardian of the deep and he is there to protect what is decribed as an unknown altar that Xeric used to replenish and enhance his power. Olm was defeated by Xeric and his followers, but according to a journal found in the chambers of xeric (that book you get in the chest that you clearly never read) Xeric and his party had defeated olm and drove him deeper in. It is debatable and I would say very likely Xeric doesn't have control over Olm yet ignores him as it guards his treasures and the power he controls there. Vespula is also debatable if it was tamed in the end by Xeric or not as vespula had driven them out of its chamber.

So no you aren't killing Olm for his possessions you're driving him away for Xerics possessions which were left there because Xeric had control of the power of the cave and those items.

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