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Skill Scrolls

What are they?

Skill Scrolls are a new type of treasure trail that will take you all over Gielinor. There will be different tiers of scroll for the variety of adventurers across the map. You can expect to find these scrolls from all non-combat related skills.

What are the requirements?

There will be 5 different tiers just like the original Clue Scroll (easy, medium, hard, elite and master) with the easy scroll requirements ranging from 1-35, medium from 35-50, hard from 50-70, elite from 70-85 and master requiring 85+

How do they work?

You turn in your gathered or produced stock for a chance at a roll on the newly designed Skill Scroll drop-table. However if you don’t turn in your stock you will not get a chance of the drop table instead you keep the materials and items, you collected on the way.

Clue steps will have an amount needed to collect/produce of what item and a location that you have to commence these operations in.

Example steps include:

Ignite 50 logs of the tallest tree where Barbarian spirits are set free. (Light 50 redwood logs close to Otto’s Grove)

Combine 3 elixirs of great might in a castle that’s covered with white. (Make 3 super-combat potions in Faladors White Knights Castle)

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Drop table - Rewards

- Miscellaneous materials, such as, herbs, ores, logs, herblore secondaries, small amount of bars/planks/seeds.

- Coins

- Firelighters, cosmetics from Clue Scrolls

- New cosmetics;
Elegant Hat (male and female model)
Elegant shoes (male and female model)
Unique Elegant Cloak (a rare item exclusive to Skill Scrolls)
Winter sweaters
“Ugg” boots
Gumboots/rain boots
Raincoat and hat
Cosmetic tools you can equip (chisel, hammer, saw)
Colourful vintage aprons

Any suggestions for rewards from the community will be added. (Reasonable suggestions, no magic wands or some sort of Witcher’s under gielinors name)

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