Items in beginner clues.

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Sir Unami
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Sir Unami

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With beginner clues what do you think some of the rewards will be, keep in mind that they are all F2p.

I hope that some of the rewards will help the Ironmen, and Cosmetics.

Aside from the runes, food, potions, coins ect.

A hat/hood for the Zamorak monks robes, same stats as wizard hat, maybe a pray bonus like the robes.

Mithril woodcutting axe, Ironmen will have easier access to a "high" tier axe.

Trainning Armor, bronze armor that would match the trainning sword and shield.

Somthing like Ring of devotion the one from rs3 with +1 to prayer.

Some sort of boot dye or colored boots.

Capes, same stats just a few more choices.

IDK what are some of your thoughts.

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Hopefully they only have links to the membership page. F2P deserves nothing more than they have.

It really bothers me that they tied the clue scroll expansion and beginner tier clues into the same question.
I'll keep score from now on.
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09-Mar-2019 13:37:47

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Not sure what beginner clues can give have you seen what comes from easy clues? Most of it is pretty bad the cosmetics better be pretty appealing because we won't have god book pages to hold this tier up.

09-Mar-2019 14:16:52

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It would be really cool if they had bonds inside them or a 7-day half-bond for f2p players! Forum Help
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rishinger l

rishinger l

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have you seen how useless easy clue scrolls are?

They give literally bronze armour, wizard robes and magic amulets.

ignoring the fact that i dont think any clue scrolls should even be going F2P.
I dont see how making anything lower then that could possibly ever give you an item you could possibly use....even in F2P.

the only thing it could give you is cosmetics at best and even then they wont be worth literally anything because "beginner" will get completed 1000 times in a day.

Edit: half the rewards your suggesting already exist int he easy clue scrolls.

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