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I think you should make something to remember fashionscape and increase money sink. So why not make some awesome designs, which can be used to make some gear trimmed. it has should last for a limited time.

21-Jan-2019 16:21:06

X Y Zedd

X Y Zedd

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The following spells should be available for F2P players: Snare, Wave Spells, and Tele-Block. This change serves the goals of both members and F2P players, as well as Jagex's.

First off, for balance and consistency's sake:
- F2P melee allows equipment up to rune (one below dragon).

- F2P range allows arrows up to adamant (1 below rune).

- Arguably makes sense for F2P to get yew bows and rune
arrows due to amethyst, but range is already OP so no need.

- F2P mage allows freeze spells up to bind (2 below entangle).

- F2P mage allows damage spells up to blast (2 below surge).

- F2P mage's max hit is 16 and caps at level 59, whereas range can max 18 and melee over 30, and both cap at like 97-99.

- Bind is relatively useless, and snare really isnt that strong. P2P players still have all of the ice spells and entangle, giving snare is not too much for F2P.

Secondly, I think the additions would revitalize the F2P wilderness and PVP worlds, which would be amazingly fun for players.

- TeleBlock would add so much to F2P pking content, especially when paired with snare. It would finally be viable to hunt random players in the wilderness and PVP worlds, bringing back the intensity and danger of those areas.

Finally, I belive this change is beneficial to all the parties I mentioned. The changes are very obviously hugely beneficial to the F2P community. However, the "F2P community" that this change is most likely to affect (people who can afford blood runes, or have 85 magic in F2P), probably in made up of many players who also pay for membership, but enjoy F2P as well, or players that have other accounts with membership.

Requiring an account to have 85 range and magic in F2P is no small order, and it would definitely incentivize people who want to have these beastly F2P account to get bonds to train. As these people train and experience the P2P content, they are likely to continue subscribing and playing for members perks, while also F2P pking.

As someone

22-Jan-2019 12:37:29

X Y Zedd

X Y Zedd

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As someone who has always loved F2P pking, I cant tell you how many F2P accounts I have "ruined" over the years by becoming a member and training my stats out of min/maxed F2P levels. And I have had an amazing time building them into P2P versions.

Anything that revitalizes different mid-high level account builds is good for bond sales. And this update would without a doubt bring a huge influx of excitement into an area of the game which has almost never existed, but caters to the desires of a ton of players. Furthermore, the hype produced by the update keeps people playing runescape, and a high and active playrebase, even if some of those players stay entirely F2P, is still a huge win for Jagex and for us.

22-Jan-2019 12:38:19

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I've played Runescape for 9 years now, I feel that while growing up playing this game me and other rs players were incentivized to play because of zezima, jagex should make a statue of zezima outside the west bank at the beautiful garden site.

24-Jan-2019 06:25:00

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What about making the Rest option a reward for achieving 99 Agility? It would not devalue stamina potions, and would be a nice reward for players that have commited their time to master the Agility Skill. Thank you for OSRS, add a minnimap and a rest option. Then I will be fully happy with this game.

31-Jan-2019 16:13:34

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