A proposal to fix slayer drops

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Jul Member 2018


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- Remove a large portion of resource drops minus those from non-AFKable things such as bossing (even rev caves even though they're not slayer) OR make said resource drops on the loot table of monsters that you'd expect to drop it.

- Increase the prayer xp significantly for bones dropped by slayer monsters, things like wyrms etc and make ensouled heads task only

- Lock clue scrolls to only drop on task, making clue scrolls worth doing and more profitable providing you have slayer

- Stop making AFK slayer content which is massively profitable, like brutal blacks where you can just prossy/blessed hide up and go AFK for massive profits.

- Keep providing us with some bossing locked behind a slayer requirement

Slayer still needs to earn decent profits in the right way - Anyone can get 99 fletch in a day, or spend a massive amount of time AFK on 5 alts fishing until you have 5 accounts afk fishing monks/sharks etc, Slayer requires months to get up into the 80s.

Still, some profitable minigames for skilling that are click intensive would be nice

22-Jan-2019 09:17:07

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