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Would like to clarify, as I have no idea if Fisher's post was in relation to anything I said or not, that I do not think ironman (regular, hardcore, or ultimate), nor 1 def pure (or void, zerker, whatever else pure) should be official game modes. I have no issue with people deciding to partake in these challenges to their account building (and I have several pures myself)

What I do have issue with is:

1. Begging to make challenge mode easier
2. Catering to these playstyles and justifying it with "well its an official game mode!!!"
3. Drop tables and as a result economic stability being ruined due to #2
4. People who act like they're better than other players for choosing to play the game in one of these ways

It's undeniable that we see a lot of #1 on these forums, a lot of #2 and 3 from Jagex, and a lot of #4 from a large portion of the ironman and PKing community (not all of them though), and I don't see why that's something we shouldn't be pointing out

If people want to impose restrictions on themselves thats all fine and good, but I don't think there should be any catering to anyone who does so and I certainly dont think there should be an official game mode for people to single play an MMO. Just my two cents

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