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Smiric said:
~~~ Global & Local Races (Competitive Cash & Item Sink Mini-game) ~~~

Global & local races that give a reward to the winner (or top 3, 5 or 10, or a % of the racers etc) whilst deducting a certain % of the total items and/or money that have been given as an entry fee by players. This provides an Item/Cash sink and a community challenge/fun filled activity for everyone all in one. Boom. Job's a good'un.

The best way of thinking about this idea is probably the following: Imagine doing a clue scroll, mixed with a bit slayer/skilling/random tasks as a big community event, or a smaller more localized event with your friends, which you can organise yourself through the CC menu, where you pay an entry fee to start and a % of the players who completes the tasks fast enough take home the prize.

Global races are issued by an NPC at varying times, local races can be initiated at any time through the CC menu.

Races like they have in Path of exile for example would be an interesting idea that i would agree for.
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