Wilderness Implings

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All the different Implings will be located throughout the Wilderness & eliminate the need to enter Puro-Puro & create Impling jars.

Grind up cooked anchovies with a pestle and mortar to make anchovy paste.
Get a sieve from the chemist (warning: he will not give it to you unless you've completed Druidic Ritual) and use it on the anchovy paste with a vial in your inventory to get anchovy oil. (Uses 8 anchovy paste per vial.)
Use flowers with the vial; you can get flowers by planting mithril seeds, or buying them from the Miscellania flower girl. Marigolds (level 2 farming), rosemary (level 11 farming) and nasturtiums (level 24 farming) can also be used. You will get imp repellent.
Use the vial with the lamp oil still at the Chemist's House in Rimmington. The one in Dorgesh-Kaan does not work. The still must not have any lamp oil already in it.
Finally, use a butterfly jar with the lamp oil still.

^ That's too much work.
....... West & drop a single ore.

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