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I feel like people didn't really know what they were getting into with that poll (as is evidenced by the fact that the community voted yes for something, and then no for everything associated with it).

If all minigames give tokens for this shop, and the best minigame rewards come from this shop, it will just cause the masses to flock to the most efficient minigame. It will kill off games with wait times like Castle Wars, which is (I think) the exact opposite of the intention. Have they addressed this? If it would work as I'm assuming, it would be a terrible update and I hope they keep the status quo of silently never implementing it.

There's no way they will make all minigames equally rewarding. There will always be one that's either faster or more afk or has some advantage over the others even if the rewards are standardized. The only way this could help would be to rotate which minigame gives reward tokens.

18-Dec-2018 04:42:20

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