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Great Ormond

Great Ormond

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Dear Jagex,

Would it be possible for wilderness assigned monsters to upgrade the players emblems in the inventory just as how killing players upgrades emblems. This would particularly be useful for ironman. This would also allow pkers to kill more players and get those upgraded emblems from players on slayer task. I belief this is better than the current system of being limited to the t1 drop table. So instead of having a chance of getting only T1 emblems, you now have the chance of upgrading your current emblem if you hit that drop table.

I'll leave the details up to you such as whether this is restricted to certain worlds/monsters etc if you think it becomes to easy if anyone can do it on any world.

06-Dec-2018 14:27:19

The Infernix
Dec Member 2018

The Infernix

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isn't that not how the game is even supposed to work? Its completely illogical. Whats your brilliant idea to stop my no support?
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26-Feb-2019 18:58:36

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