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So in PVP, can you remove the ability for players to cast a freeze spell on you and then run in and out from behind an obstacle, so as to avoid getting hit by you but giving them the ability to keep hitting you?

About half of the PVP fights now days are people freezing you in place, running behind things and then running back out to hit you, while your character has stopped attacking them in the meantime.

It's like it messes with the auto-retaliate to where you stop attacking back. I shouldn't have to repeatedly click on my opponent if I have auto-retaliate enabled just to land 1 attack.

This just happened to me in the wild. This player kept barraging me and running behind a tree. Every time he came back out from behind the tree I would get hit by him, and he then ran back behind the tree before my turn to hit even came up. On average, he got 2 to 3 hits on me per my 1 hit. Was this really the purpose that was intended for freeze spells? It kind of completely takes away your fair chance at a fight. Also, we were both using bows/crossbows.

Suggested fix:
Can you increase the amount of time before your character stops attacking back?


Is there a way that them running behind an obstacle actually interrupts the auto-retaliate?
If so, can you make it not interrupt the auto-retaliate?

Thanks in advance. I hate complaining, but in a game where I routinely get called a safer for eating at 25-30% health, I'm surprised this one hasn't came up yet.

19-Mar-2019 02:24:33

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Also, I meant no disrespect with that last sentence. I was still feeling a little burned when writing the post, and I know realize it sounded kind of rude.

Thanks again!

19-Mar-2019 02:39:24

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I don't support because that's game mechanics, been like that for years and I consider it an important game strategy.

Messing with that would probably also mess with PVM Safe-Spotting and so on.
That happened to me so long ago and I hated it but that's the way it is - some sneaky and agile player, familiar with timings and OSRS Mechanics will eventually use them to favor him in combat and that's the way it is.

It'd be the same as suggesting something like, for instance "remove the ability of weapon damage stacking by adding a cool-down to swap weapons" because you were killed in 1 combo that lasted less than 1 second because some dude managed to swap and spec his weapons so fast that you didn't even had a chance to heal.

It's how the game works and I do agree the mechanics are weird but that's why I stay away from PVP - I suck at it x'D

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I do understand where your coming from, but they actually did change the game to combat the rushers that you gave in your example.

They made it to where you can't teleport a certain amount of time after using a spec, and also to where you can be attacked a short amount of time after running back into a safe zone in PvP worlds. Before those updates, they were just the game mechanics of rushers.

But now, people have a better chance at fighting back against rushers. There's more risk in it for the rushers as well, instead of the risk solely resting on the rushed. I honestly didn't even think rushing was broken game mechanics, but just really good 1-ticking.

However, when someone can continually interrupt your ability at fighting back mid-combat by using the environment, I think that is broken mechanics.

If I were using melee vs his range then fine, that is obviously intended mechanics. But not when we're using the same ranged weapons.

There was one time when I was literally getting attacked by a crossbow from around the corner of a building, without the attacker ever coming around the corner first.

I don't even think it should be referred to as a game mechanic. I think a more fitting description would be that it is an exploitation of an unintended effect... not a bug... but a side effect.

I don't think what I suggested would have too much of an impact. Currently, as soon as you step out from safe-spotting a monster you get attacked. I'm just asking for the same in PvP.
Monsters already keep a long retaliation lock on you as is.

In my wilderness example for instance, as soon as he stepped out from behind that tree I feel like he should have had to take a hit if one was due but didn't get dealt because of his hiding.

At this point in time it is like you said, a good strategy on his part for using that ability since the game lets him. However, that doesn't mean it isn't an exploited side effect that was not intended.

19-Mar-2019 03:54:31

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