Skilling Prayers

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Poon Goblin said:
If we can have buffs in combat why cant we have buffs in skilling? Thats litterally all prayer is.
That's fine. Just suggest a new skill instead of trying to co-opt one that is made for combat, is all.

Or instead of a new skill, something else that gives buffs.
I'll keep score from now on.
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06-Feb-2019 10:57:26

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Poon Goblin said:
I love the idea man. As long as it isn't super tedious or boring to level it sounds awesome. I was reading about the whole cleansing certain areas of corruption and it got me thinking. I don't know if it would be possible but it would be sick if there were areas where players would be tasked with leveling this skill and player actions would actually affect the physical appearances of these places. So if a bunch of people were training in the same area it would appear cleaner and brighter and on worlds where there was little community activity the areas would seem foul or maybe even give inferior resources to encourage community cooperation to keep areas maintained.

I'm glad you liked the idea. I think the idea of having some sort of large-area effect might be interesting, but I'm not sure how it would best be gone about.

07-Feb-2019 05:05:24

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So I'm confused I really like the non combat prayers, but people keep bringing up that it's a combat skill and should stay pure combat.... So we're is the complaints about support spells bot having it's separate skill, so combat magic couldn't beeveled teleports and alchemy and superheat, and not bieng able to unlock support spells with combat training and vise versa, ranged has grappling agility is non combat but it's very useful for combat and thiers plenty of other things, like wielding rune pickaxe, why do you need an attack level if you aren't fighting with it, if you have the mining level you should be able to wield it but with a combat stat penalty

So if someone could clarify why prayer is a combat stat and shouldn't have non combat effects, why these other much more combat centreal skills have non combat uses?

24-Apr-2019 17:21:12

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id support it, not those suggestions but maybe something toned, like.. yield increase for farming on farming prayer (like auras from rs3) small chance of returned resources while doing production skills. nothing more than 10% at the maximum for skills. None

25-Apr-2019 17:25:00

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