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Can we get Vinesweeper in Osrs back when I was playing RuneScape regularly before the stupid 3d overhaul that I feel ruined the game so I stopped playing it was one of my favorite things to do, ( I love minesweeper and will spend hours playing it) it was really nice to have my second favorite simple game connected to RuneScape to get lillte rewards for playing it (my favorite bieng Sudoku and I don't think that will ever show up lol) and having an option for earning farming exp without dealing with the whole annoying (in my opinion) farming plots is a huge plus

Thier also was a runecrafting minigame in draynor Manor were you like absorbed runes from monsters or something... That was alot of fun for me to and a convenient way to earn runecrafting experience, I tried looking it up and can't find it, honestly I don't know it might actually still be in the game...

These two minigame's is were I spent 90% of my game time 10 years ago when I was a regular player ( I don't know the exact time so please don't harass me for bieng off a year or so, I just know it used to be thier and was alot of fun

If thier is any way to bring these back I would be greatly appreciated

20-Apr-2019 16:59:40

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