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Is it possible that you can create a iron/hardcore ironman but with an additional challenge of collecting every item in the game. Each item has a unique number in your bank and when you deposit a new item the black image of the item is then revealed. It sucks that in the normal game there is a limit to items you can have in the bank. Would be a nice idea and a new highs cores challenge with how many people have collected. Would be a great grinding challenge Shirna HQ

25-Feb-2019 11:55:54

Apr Member 2019


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I think that would actually be kind of fun, but you could only have 1 of each item in the bank, so it would be like not having a bank and having every item at the same time, it would make the game challenging because of how limited the bank is but allow you to try to collect every item at the same time, plus it would allow tools to sit in the bank instead of having to carry them everywhere you go in the no bank mode

24-Apr-2019 18:45:12

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