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Feb Member 2019


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- A bank in your PoH for faster banking and chatting & skilling with friends you like.

- Perhaps a new minigame involving players to hunt down creatures with friends or Co-op and earn (shared) xp together while you hunter together or with more friends.

- More toys.

- Clan Courses; Different courses for racing against your friends.

- Bonfires just like in RS3, if you like to relax and chat whilste gaining xp.

- Chance of pickpocketing all clue scroll levels from different NPCs.

03-Mar-2019 09:59:12

Lady Mimyai
Aug Member 2018

Lady Mimyai

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No on the bonfire, unless it is temporary, a bonfire during the Christmas event would be good.

No on a bank in POH, that's what servants are for.

More toys
explain what you mean please.

Bring back the Forinthys brace that canceled teleport blocks.
Pkers have way too many advantages, I want a way to run away!

06-Mar-2019 03:49:30

Apr Member 2018


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For construction that will never happen. Do you know how fast people would get 99 prayer? I like your hunter mini game idea, but sadly the Old School team isn't big enough to implement mini-games to a large extent. This is why most likely we haven't seen Stealing Creation put into the game.

I would love to see more mini-games and skill related content. Bonfires, however, is a RuneScape 3 update which should stay there. Back in the real 2007, you had to light the logs by themselves and not an easy way such as a bonfire.

Keep brainstorming though!

06-Mar-2019 03:54:31

Feb Member 2019


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no need for a bank in construction. id rather have farming plots you can build. takes like, 1000 dirt and 250 compost per allotment. you fill em in trips.

and id rather have some sort of first person aiming mode for hunting birds. and tracking.... a runescape version of deer hunter 2 if you will. (yes its an old example, im old.)

i left RS3 before bonfires. so i don't understand the appeal.

no problem with more toys though.
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06-Mar-2019 03:54:46

iron sato
Oct Member 2014

iron sato

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support construction additions, though i think a bank would make it just too easy. how about a trophy room where you can display quest items? an upgraded parlor that's more like an asian-style tea room?

like the hunter idea. maybe it could be linked to a hunter boss, where you have to track something all across rs (so with friends it goes faster) before finally finding the mini-boss hiding place which you can fight (or capture?) together?

like more craftable toys idea too, though i hope some would be useful in game, such as maybe craftable fishing lures that work better than standard bait.

again great idea having agility races.

i was against bonfires before but with wintertodt neutering fm anyway they make sense now. would also like log additives added to the bonfires update, so we can use bonfires that burn hotter to smith, and bonfires that burn cooler to cook with higher success rate. maybe the new items (powders or whatever) to be added to logs could be a crafting link update.

thieving scrolls also a great idea.

07-Mar-2019 04:28:24

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