Pure Essence for Ironmen

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Mr Peaceful

Mr Peaceful

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On your latest video, "OSRS Q&A - Song of the Elves requirements" you mentioned you wanted to make pure essence easier to get for everyone (but mainly Ironmen). Kieran mentioned it being "stackable". Clearly this wouldn't work, as he said. But what if it could?

[ Brief Idea ]

There could be a new cave that is opened up inside the pure essence mines, that the wizards "happened to find". Inside there is a less concentrated form of pure essence that can be mined, which is stackable. Let's say it would mine at the same speed as pure essence, but would take 3 fragments to make a pure essence. These fragments could then be taken to any wizard to be transformed into pure essence.

[ Explanation ]

This would make it so mining pure essence is still relevant, but perhaps the fragments could be locked behind a high agility requirement, or mining requirement or something.

The biggest reason for doing this is to allow for you guys to create a new method (that isn't THAT much better than pure essence mining) that would give you the freedom to make that new piece of content without affecting other methods.

For example, I'd much rather get 70 agility and have an AFK way of getting pure essence, than running back and forth to the mine to get it - as agility is useful everywhere else anyways. Ironmen also rush Agility, so any of them that complain "the requirement is too high" are clearly playing it wrong.

[ Possible Lore # 1 ]

One of the wizards were in the mine doing their daily checkups, and sneezed - accidentally casting a powerful blast at one of the walls. He went to check to see what the damage was, and peered inside, to find the fragment rocks.

[ Possible Lore # 2 ]

The Wise Old Man went to the mine, got tired of mining the essence and tried to cast a spell to capture the pure essence tower, but missed due to his bad eye sight, and instead made a hole in the wall, which he inspected, and found the fragment rocks.

07-Mar-2019 16:00:41

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those possible lore bits are stupid.

and no support because the whole game should not cater to those with a self imposed challenge. i don't want to be an ironman and dont want to play a game that is built around them.
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07-Mar-2019 16:05:10



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The only way I'd support stackable Pure Essence is if you could only stack it up to 28, and you couldn't have any more than 28 in your inventory at a time (Essence in your Pouches wouldn't count). That way you can save inventory space for other things, but the meta of Runecrafting isn't changed.

Otherwise, stackable Pure Essence has the problem of allowing people to save up Essence and just left click an altar once for instant 99 Runecrafting.

Alternatively, clicking on an Altar would only consume up to 28 Pure Essence at once. However, this would still have the problem of removing all the running back and forth that makes up the majority of the Runecrafting grind. I seriously doubt that would pass a poll.

Until you find a solution that addresses those concerns, no support.
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07-Mar-2019 18:48:47

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The only way I'd support this is if they completely remove all the large noted pure essence drops they already stuffed droptables with to cater to ironmen. That way it'd be just shifting one nonsensical form of catering to one that at least involves them skilling for their desired skilling resource.

07-Mar-2019 20:08:59

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