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Now if you wanted the actual way to revive the game, it's actually quite simple.

There's two ways to draw players to content. Rewards or gameplay. Rewards are a short-term solution, because once people unlock them, they move on. Gameplay on the other hand, keeps people coming back for more.

We could update rewards a bit, since right now they are only good for pures, with the halo and torso piece. However, I don't want to see anything over-powered. Moreover, I don't think there should be good rewards coming from castle wars, because the minigame was never about the rewards.

Click the link in my signature to read about the cross-minigame reward shop which passed years ago, but was never implemented due to no rewards ever being settled on. I think this is the correct method to revive minigames, implementing a cross-minigame shop. That way people can achieve the rewards however they enjoy doing it, not being forced into one piece of content.

As far as gameplay goes:

I think the answer to this is adapting something like the tournament world. Allow players to set their stats within the game on the theme world. However, if they edit their stats, they gain no experience within the game (all gear will be unequip'd when logging/leaving to prevent abuse - dropped at feet if full inventory)

This accomplishes a few things:

It opens a combat game to skillers. Skillers can now PvP on their skilling account and not gain experience. Many will come here for a break from the skilling grind. It addresses your unfair level difference in a meaningful way. Now players can set their stats if they feel disadvantaged. Moreover, it gives people a chance to nerf their stats if they are maxed and want to place a handicap on themselves, without the need to create a new account. It also gives people looking to level up certain levels a place to test that gear before actually leveling up to use it.
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