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Hey so i love the Runescape 3 graphics but prefer the Old School Runescape game, after asking a large number of people what they prefer the majority have said that they would love to have a "option" to have the RS3 Graphics.

Some do prefer the old school graphics for nostalgia reasons as well as performance reasons.

Perhaps this could be implemented via new client - OSRS HD comes to mind?

Another way could be added to the current client and then have an option in the settings tab to change the graphic settings, (Log Out-Log in to change the current settings)

would be awesome to hear feedback on this!

Thanks, Mikestrike3

21-Feb-2019 22:52:09



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An HD graphics update doubles the work load for the art team, which means updates take longer.

Also, part of the appeal of OSRS is that it has the Old School graphics. Sort of defeats the purpose to let you toggle on HD graphics.

No support.
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04-Mar-2019 21:55:12

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All i want is updated player/armor models. I mean my character barely even has a face, and the rest of the body has less polygons than a cube. They look outdated even for OSRS

All animations should stay the same.

Most NPCs are fine, but maybe update human NPCs if it's not too much work.

The world can stay the same, but it would be cool to see some improvements like water, sky.

I'm not sure about increasing the view distance since it makes the map seem smaller.

I don't think they should reuse 2008 assets, because OSRS has lots of content that was not in 2008. Instead they should take OS graphics in a different direction and update only specific things that look bad.

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