Dwarven helmet

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Could the dwarven helmets def requirement dropped by 5-10 def levels? I don't see why it has 50 defence req when it is close to rune full helms stats and for that +6 crush to have 10 higher def requirment I don't see the point. If we compare it to berserker helm it has worse defence stats than the berserker helm and the berserker helm gives +3 str bonus but it doesn't give +6 crush bonus. So I don't think the dwarven helm should have 50 defence requirement.

What are ya'll thoughts about this? and what does Jagex think about this?


29-Jun-2019 20:38:03

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Honestly I wouldnt care either or. Its only use in the game currently is for vetion, revs, corp specing & mace smiting.
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30-Jun-2019 16:20:49

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