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Foolish Rose
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Foolish Rose

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I'm not sure if Jagex will read this.. but I wanted to give you guys suggestions for OSRS if you can:

- Update the graphics to 2009-2011 where the characters are less pixel, and when you talk to NPCs you actually look like a person,

- Resting because you literally have to walk.. everywhere.... its a bit time consuming and a lot of people dislike it.. (I know many players probably miss this feature as well!)

- PLEASE ADD a TOOL BELT option like you had back then where we could all crafting tools, fishing rods, and tools for mining and woodcutting. I dislike having to use up so much bank space just to hold all my material AND tools.

Last but not least, maybe more character customization like in 2009-2011 where you had some updated hairstyles and more clothing options. I absolutely LOVE the fringed pigtails...!

Most IMPORTANTLY please don't change OSRS's mechanics in anyway (like combat style and such.) I love old school runescape but I gotta say when it had a tool belt, resting, and where your character looked slightly better I really loved runescape the most at that time.

I'm a returning 2005 - 2014 player gave up runescape when RS3 launched and didnt want to start over.. now that I did come back to start again I missed this game so much there's still so much you could do to it!

Thank you!

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Foolish Rose said:
Update the graphics to 2009-2011 where the characters are less pixel, and when you talk to NPCs you actually look like a person
Please no.

The graphics updates is one of the reasons I stopped playing RS3. They try so hard to look good, but they look awful and clunky. The current artstyle of OSRS is iconic, nostalgic, and, while admittedly low-rez/low-poly, a part of what makes Old School Runescape "Old School."

And before you ask... no, a toggle is not an option. Jagex has said so specifically.

Foolish Rose said:
No. This devalues tons of content, like the Graceful set, Stamina Potions, Agility, and the usefulness of many of the transportation methods you unlock through your play.

Foolish Rose said:
No. The game is balanced around a limited inventory space of 28, and changing that will have an impact on all parts of the game.

Foolish Rose said:
more character customization
I'm fine with more hairstyles and such. That seems reasonable.
I'll keep score from now on.
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I really don't understand why you don't play RS3 instead. The ditch is gonna get endless repolls while sand buckets can pass the first poll and never be implemented. After the ditch passes the 7th poll attempt, it'll be implemented an hour before the poll closes because it's actually important. Deal with it.

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