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How about we change some stuff?
-Nerf konar's slayer points to 12 per task, 15 if you've done elite diary (a lvl 75 slayer master giving more points then a lvl 100 master makes 0 sense what so ever).
-Allow demonics to be assigned on her tasks
-Allow Hydra's for Duradel's tasks (makes no sense to assign wyrms & drakes but not hydra).
-Completely remove the brimstone chest and key or allow Duradel to drop keys to have access to his new chest which would give the same stuff, maybe slightly better.
-Add a slayer master that requires 115 combat and 75+ slayer.

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1. Konar gives more points because she assigns tasks to certain areas instead of any area like Duradel. It makes perfect sense that she rewards more points.

2. Demonic Gorillas can only be killed in one area of the game, so it's pointless to point them on Konar's task list. The whole point of Konar is to get you to slay in areas most people don't go to.

3. I'd rather remove Wyrms and Drakes from Duradel, honestly.

4. No. Aside from the points, the Brimstone Keys are what make Konar worth doing over Duradel.

5. I don't think we really need a new Slayer Master without anything unique about them.

So, no support to everything.
I'll keep score from now on.
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27-Feb-2019 08:51:21

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1. still way to many, absolutely poor coding/making of a slayer master.
2. Is the case for many other monsters not just demonics.
3. It really honestly doesn't make sense to not have hydras for Duradel.
4. How about just removing them overall?

overall they screwed up the new master BIG TIME.

lastly regardless what anyone thinks, this section of the forum never gets checked by jagex for ideas in updated or new content, Basically we are all shitposting.

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Iron Boab

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Konar has pretty much no requirements so support. Idk about allowing gorillas, because that's the go-to spot for black demon tasks. Idk. The whole point was to revive dead content areas. Support for adding Hydra to Duradel and Steve's task lists. Tbh I wouldn't be opposed to making it so that Steve could only assign it with Western Province Elite diaries. Support for the brimstone chest idea. Support for adding in a new slayer master as well. Not all ironnubnubs cry for excess catering. Some of us just know how to git gud.

28-Feb-2019 01:49:16

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You'll probably get more points on average doing duradel tasks efficiently than doing Konar tasks, which is why the amount of points per task is fine (I've done the elite diary so this wouldn't affect me, but I still don't see why it'd need changed).

It's a remote slayer dungeon in a far away land so it probably does make sense that Gielenor slayer masters don't assign hydra. What doesn't make sense perhaps is that they do assign wyrm and drakes, so I'd support removing those tasks from them.

Why should duradel have his own version of brimstone keys? He gives tasks that are the best slayer XP/h on average, that's reason enough to use him over Konar.

28-Feb-2019 06:53:05

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