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Do some people just have no honor? I teleported to the level 41 wilderness with my burning amulet, and was attacked right away. Not only that, their was corpses and loot everywhere of dead people.This reminds me of spawn killing in FPS games...I have to ask you this, why are we not giving a grace period before being killed right away. This is becoming more like a private server with spawn camping.

25-Feb-2019 07:23:59

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PKers want to kill defenseless victims and get easy loot. That's why you should fully expect to be killed instantly by a clan of PKers the second you take one step into the Wilderness.

My suggestion to you would be to not use popular teleports. Walk to your destination (yes, walk, not run) from the ditch. It will take longer, but you're less likely to encounter PKers.
I'll keep score from now on.
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25-Feb-2019 10:35:18

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