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bur0k 0bama

bur0k 0bama

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As i was playing os and rs3 i found myself shocked at the difference and how slow my character was in osrs. I am aware there is agility potions you can buy and use but not everyone wants to always carry them, I am also aware of how people don’t just want rs 3 cut and pasted into osrs so i have an idea for a new,unique and balanced take on resting

In osrs resting is different in a few ways

To rest you must buy a resting cushion to rest, you can’t just rest on the floor, maybe at 99 agility you can rest on floor without cushion or after completing a quest you can

to get a resting cushion you can buy one at a general store for 4k gold, the cushion has 100 uses before it wears out and you need to buy another one, it can’t be traded or dropped, only destroyed, this provides a gold sink

The resting cushion is always lost on death even if it is the only item on you

The resting cushion can be held in the offhand or carried in your inventory

Musicians do exist but to listen to their music to restore run energy more quickly you must pay them gold, the amount varies depending on location, it can be 15 g in common areas like lumbridge or 1000 for places like wild or gwd, musicians sell resting cushions if you need it but they cost far more then at general stores, depending on location it can be 3-15x more the general store

16-Feb-2019 18:26:02

bur0k 0bama

bur0k 0bama

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Resting has several drawbacks unlike rs 3

When resting you can not do anything else, no using potions, food,prayers, equip items or anything

When getting up you have a very slow animation that takes 3 seconds to get up on your feet

While resting foes nearby will always be aggressive regardless of your combat level or how long you have been in the area, possible exceptions are the small rats, small spiders and cows, things that logically wouldn’t attack you, everything else is always aggressive, alternatively you can’t rest in dangerous areas due to foes nearby

If attacked while resting the foe or foes first attack will ALWAYS hit you for max damage that they can do, this ignores armor, any form of protection, potion, defense or prayer

Because of the slow get up animation after the first attack ,the other attacks will have a higher chance of hitting you since you can’t defend yourself due to being caught off guard

If poisoned,envenomed,diseased either you can’t rest or alternatively the restored run energy rate is halved

If damaged while resting, you automatically get up

You can’t wield weapons while resting or equip them or while getting up

I feel that this form of resting has enough drawbacks but to prevent stamina potions and energy potions from losing their use, one idea is when using the potions they also give you a bonus to run energy regeneration for a brief time, better potions give a longer bonus or give a higher bonus, other energy restoring items give a small bonus as well

So anyway here’s my take on a new and more balanced use of resting

16-Feb-2019 18:26:42

rishinger l

rishinger l

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Resting in OSRS:

Don't do it.

Thats what RS3 is for.

Cushion - 40 gold to restore run energy SEVEN TIMES faster then 99 agility WITH graceful.
99% of people restore run energy while skilling, meaning this would never be lost...and even then? it's a mere 4k.

Musicians - exact same thing.

No matter how you work it, it will make graceful, stamina potions and agility grinding far less useful then they are rn, decreasing there worth.

No support.

16-Feb-2019 18:29:27

bur0k 0bama

bur0k 0bama

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rishinger l said:
Notcool97 said:
Omg just fucking buy stamina pots


If we make everything easy for low level players then what reason would they ever have to level their skills?

a sense of accomplishment? a feeling of independence? wanting to see what the higher levels have?

anyway this form of resting has plenty of drawbacks that still make stamina potions a good choice for those with inventory to spare and who don't want to rest and wait

also it's nice to not always have to depend on potions or items, with this you can just dpened on yourself and maybe a cushion

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