Consortium trading minigame

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I'd like to know what people would think of a minigame in the Keldagrim Consortium centred around buying and selling ores to make a profit, similar to merching but with an economy isolated to each instance of the game.

the idea behind this is simply a way for players to experience something like merching, but in a calmer and less confusing environment, with less potential of driving them broke as well as an easier to understand system. naturally ideally you wouldn't be able to make large margins in this, but could still "dip your toes in" so to speak.

if an interest is present, please do make it known, and i'd be interested to hear any finer ideas on the actual mechanics of the minigame itself. (or for that matter, any reason this wouldn't be feasible that i've overlooked).

20-Mar-2019 03:55:34

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