Starvation ( Safe areas )

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For too long players' have been able to camp many zones in all of the safe areas of Gielinor whilst in some cases being able to safe-spot PvM without the need to move along, & this creates unnecessary tension & animosity when another player makes a challenge for the same spot.

The simple solution is to add a Starvation icon ( similar to the ones already that surround the mini-map ).

Starvation would always be hungry & need to fed in order for the player not to take damage & lose Hipoints. The Starvation metre would start at 100% & drop on random or regular intervals & increase the damage to the player as it drops lower.

Perhaps quests / new items could help reduce the Starvation metre though they would never fully negate its properties.

The Wilderness & PvP Worlds would be immune from the effects of Starvation.
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youd need to add thirst, too.
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