SEVERLY unbalanced leveling rn

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One thing thats never made sense to me in runescape is how none of the skills compliment each other at all.

There is literally no way to level up everything evenly at the same time.

Lets take a ranged class as our first example:

Lets say i hit 40 ranged, , yesss, alright now i'll just make myself a Yew longbow!

....oh wait.... even though i can wield a yew longbow, making a yew long bow requires 70 fletching to create.

No problem, atleast i can make the green dragonhide armour! wait....that requires 63 crafting

well...if i buy those two atleast i can make the rune arrows to go with them!
...what... rune arrows require 90 smithing to make!?

literally every class and skill is like this....the level to create weapons and armour should be close to the actual level requires to equip that equipment.

like who in their right mind is going to go, "Yesss! i jsut got 40 time to get 99 smithing so i can make myself a rune platebody!"

The entire game is VERYYYYY punishing to anyone wishing to go the skilling route, even though combat skills are fewer then skilling ones the game forces you to do combat to get everything you want (not that im against combat.)

But i feel that skillers shouldn't be so harshly punished for their skills.

like say someone did get 99 smithing and was finally able to make a rune platebody, in the time it took them to do that i could easily have made hundreds of millions from combat alone, not to mention probably had several hundred rune or even dragon armor items drop from killing monsters.

For the most part all the skilling abilities only let you create weapons and armour that you would use at level...40 or 50 ...but in turn requires you get to level 80 or 90 in the skilling skill to be able to make it... and level 50 is about 130th of the experience it takes to reach level 90.

That means that in order to make your own weapons and armour, you needed to get 130x more experience skilling...its completely ridiculous!

25-Nov-2018 05:18:30

rishinger l

rishinger l

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Example of the inconsistencies:

If i tried to do adamant from level 70-99 mining, that requires 129,441 adamant ore.
And if i wanted to go from 70-99 smithing that requires 122,969 Bars (that includes smithing them into bars and them using the bars themselves)

Now that doesn't seem too bad BUT...i only mentioned the adamant ore there, so you basically need the same amount of adamant ore to go from 70-99 in mining and smithing.
But thats not accounting for the coal at all. the amount of coal needed to make those bars is 737,814 pieces of coal aswell which is quite literally.... going form 1-99 another THREE times.

That means that in order to hit 99 smithing all by yourself, you first have to hit 99 mining FOUR times.

And quite literally all of the skills that are meant to be complimenting each other/working together are severely unbalanced like this.

woodcutting and fetching/Fire-making

Herblore and Crafting (both which basically require combat to get any resources...but that's a different problem.

Now most people just go "thats how the game is, it's pointless to change it"

But what you have to remember is that all of these skills/the rewards they give you for hitting the high levels were all designed back in the very early 2000's when the BIS armour was all that level 40/50 gear most of them provide and as it is now, none of them have any relevance/use because of how OP combat/the gold farmed from it has become.

I think that 99 in your non-combat skills should make say.....second best or third best armor/items (Leave BIS for combat) And have it so that all of those items are massive gold sinks...i.e all the items required to create that armor can only be got through that skills, cost money to obtain AND are untradable.

That way we could actually try to pull some money out of the game, and have it so that those skills are actually necessary.

(This was created after the next comment which is why its out of order.)

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rishinger l

rishinger l

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Now because i ran out of space >.>"

What im suggesting is that anything created from skilling should be close to the level required to wield that equipment.

The experience between levels should also be more evenly spaced out so that it doesn't feel like a grind fest right at the end of the game.

as it is right now if you hit say...70 or 80 in most of your skills, theres almost nothing (sometimes there s literally nothing) past that, no reason to level your skills except to hit 99 and because all the gear in those skills is usually around the 40-50 level hitting 99 is literally useless, theres no benefits for a high leveled combat player to skill that much.

Take fletching as an example again, at 85 you can make the magic longbow which requires 50 ranged to wield...needless to say at 85 ranged theres no way you'd still be using a magic longbow.

now to top this off level 85 is roughly 1/5th of the experience it takes to hit 99....that means your grind isn't anywhere near starting, and the experience literally wont get any better for the last 10 MILLION experience.

I think that both the high level (80-90) experience rates need to be changed drastically, and have it so that the "rewards" for hitting 90, or 99 are not level 40 or 50 armour which is by that point....useless.

Edit: as another point showing how un balanced the skilling leveling is, smithing a rune platebody requires 99 smithing and gives 375 experience while smithing a dragon platebody requires 90 smithing and gives 2000 experience.

....a dragon platebody should not be easier to smith then a rune platebody, it makes literally no sense lol.

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Ye Olde Ned
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This style of play and the xp rates have been solidified in the game, changing it would be impossible.

regardless, what you are suggesting does not make sense when you look at it from a design perspective. You are basically asking jagex to completely rework the leveling system so that the highest level would be somewhere around 70-80 in terms of xp gain instead of the current 99.

if this were implimented like you suggested it would throw all the balance out the door. You have not taken into consideration how the current leveling system gradually ramps up and how much money you gain from doing the skill. lowering the requirements so anyone can do it just creates inflation.

Take for example a are suggesting that slayer should be 70 to get a whip because the attack requirement is 70.

The xp required to get 70 slayer is 737,627.
Abyssal demons are 85 slayer, or 3,258,594 xp.
Getting to 85 slayer is equivelent to getting to level 70 about 4 1/2 times.

Lowering this requirement completely devalues 85 slayer for the people who grind to achieve it.

Now that everyone who has 70 slayer (which is a LOT more than people who have 85) can kill abyssal demons, abyssal whips are going to be dumped into the game and its going to become worthless like what happened in RS3 with its MTX making 85 slayer much easier to get.

The same situation with the whip resonates throughout your entire suggestion.

no support

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rishinger l

rishinger l

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The whip is only one item

look at skills such as crafting, smithing, fletching, herblore

You lose money on 99% of ways to level up those skills so your whip argument and the ability to make money from skills doesn't work very well there, also i didn't mention slayer at all, slayer is a combat skill, im talking about the "skilling" skills.

Like for crafting, there literally no way to make profit unless you want to sit there doing level 5-10 crafting and making gold items

For smithing literally every item untill rune (level 90) results in a loss

Fletching baaarely results in a profit and only if your making long bows from maple onwards, which is a very slow way of leveling

and herblore? well that just loses money on literally everything.

but yes like i saying that "Skilling" skills, the ones where you create equipment and items to use in combat should be reworked so that the level to create the item is close to the level required to use it.

You create literally nothing in slayer and its a 100% combat only skill so it shouldn't be affected by this.

also i never said to rework the level system so the highest level is 80...i said that there is no benefits to leveling up much higher then that, because most skilling skills run out of new items to create once you hit low to mid 80's

what i said was to have it so that the experience is spread out more evenly between levels so that say 93 isn't half way to 99, but something like say 70 or 80 is instead.

And going off what you said about slayer, if they made the exp more even between more levels this way, it would make it take longer to hit 85 slayer and make the grind take more time, it wouldn't devalue the whip at all, but then again thats a combat skill and isn't the main point of my post here.

25-Nov-2018 12:31:01

rishinger l

rishinger l

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KoolMints said:
*Cries in Ironman*

Thats actually a really good point must be hell for ironman accounts who are forced to create everything themselves XD

It would basically force you to go do combat and pray for drops or spending hundreds of hours basically maxing out a skill only to be rewarded with mid-tier items and weapons.

25-Nov-2018 12:34:18



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rishinger l said:
but yes like i saying that "Skilling" skills, the ones where you create equipment and items to use in combat should be reworked so that
the level to create the item is close to the level required to use it

So.. what "level required to use" potions are you going to suggest? Or are you suggesting that herblore should have no level requirements to make various pots? I mean.. herby IS a 'skilling skill' right? That's rhetorical.

No support.
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25-Nov-2018 17:47:46



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IF the game was being designed from the ground up, your approach would be the healthiest and best way to go about it. However, since the current way of doing it is solidified and the way it's been for years, no support. It'd be a change bigger than EoC in RS3, and I can be certain no one in OSRS wants that. Or at least very few. sTReTCh1028
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25-Nov-2018 19:14:58

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I dont agree at all.

This just seems like an aesthetic request, at its root.

Crafting/fletching/smithing have many preceding items that often come in certain intervals. I don't think it necessarily has to be so clean. I don't want to see dragonhides being crafted so early in your skilling journey. Kinda cheapens it.

25-Nov-2018 20:44:17

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