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When it comes down to it, the entire thing exists almost solely to level prayer. There's "resurrect crops" which has some potential outside utility, but that's about it. I mean, it's necromancy. I see a lot of potential applications outside of its current use.

For one, let the reanimated corpses function as familiars. This might seem like a drastic change, but I can see it functioning like a scaled down version of the Summoning skill in RS3 (I'm sorry, I'll flog myself later). They could aid in combat with some of them giving certain secondary benefits. For example, the chaos druid has a chance to restore x amount of prayer points upon death, or the monkey can place a banana in your inventory every so often. As a caveat, I don't think this should be allowed in PvP, as it would change the meta too significantly and would just be ridiculous. Another caveat would be that if you summon it as a familiar, you don't get the prayer xp when it dies and you must pick one of the other upon summoning. That, or it could be changed so that it's always a familiar unless summoned at the Dark Altar, given that no one uses it anywhere else as it is.

Other than corpses functioning as familiars, I see a lot of potential uses along the lines of "Resurrect Crops." Bones could be used for a lot of things, like a spell that consumes bones for a strength boost, or something like that with the caveat that it has to be from an enemy that the player killed, not just bought off the ge. A spell could be cast on already undeads like zombies, skeletons, etc. to make them fight for you. There could be an actual combat spell called "Soul drain" that functions like the blood spells but restores 25% of damage dealt in special attack and run energy. I just see so much that could be done with this concept but isn't.

I know some of this would require a lot of balancing and exact mechanics would have to be worked out, but I want to know what you guys think in general.

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im like 50/50 on this.. could be good but also could be bad.

i like the idea of have more use to the spell book.. maybe add the spells and incorporate into warding skill (if that ever comes out), where you need items to ward and then use the spell book to activate?
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I agree, it would need to be done very tactfully. It is kinda disappointing that we have a whole necromancy spell book and hardly any use for it. I could see people comparing it to summoning and it getting rejected outright but I think it would be a lot more manageable. I didn't care for summoning but I didn't absolutely hate it. Either way, it's a lot easier to tweak, or even remove a few spells after the fact than to have an entire skill that doesn't fit.

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