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May Member 2019

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Lately runescape has a very large quantity of players that have and regularly use multiple accounts... it provides unique experiences having an iron man, pure, main etc...

I don't like that I have to create a new email account for each one.

I think it would make more sense to be able to link all your accounts together(separate passwords perhaps for security boost)

Perhaps, long in with your email and password. Then it gives you all 3 characters that are yours, select the character then type in that accounts password and in game.

I feel like I have to be deceptive if I want to try an ironman or hard core, pure, main maybe a skiller... now I've got 5 different accounts which i think is unnecessary.

Also, could make it simpler to do things like trade gold between accounts buy memberships for all(unsure if it breaks rules but it is a common practice to trade between accounts)

AAAAND those with shady intentions, say those that bot on a skiller and dont stress consequence and give to main well now they are connected and consequences can actually effect both potentially)

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The only reason why this haven't been applied yet is probably because of security issues.

If your account get hacked, you would not longer loose 1 bank but 3, which can be problematic at some point.

I do agree it is something we should be looking forward to do in a near future (assuming Jagex manage to solve their current security issues and grant a more secure and safe authenticator), given the reality of the game.
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10-Feb-2019 15:27:53

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I agree, the bad thing is that if your mail is stolen, the other accounts may fall, maybe a limit of 3 would be fine at the moment, support. ¡¡Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

27-Apr-2019 17:21:43

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