NMZ Disconnections

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Nov Member 2018


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There should be a change implemented to NMZ so that when you disconnect you return to being inside of NMZ. It could be time based to eliminate people forcing a disconnection to get out of having to pay to join again. It's just really aggravating to have a dip in connection and having to fork over 26k, even though i still have most my inv of potions left.

16-Feb-2019 14:26:23



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Sure if you remove the ability to gain xp inside NMZ. The ditch is gonna get endless repolls while sand buckets can pass the first poll and never be implemented. After the ditch passes the 7th poll attempt, it'll be implemented an hour before the poll closes because it's actually important. Deal with it.

17-Feb-2019 04:54:07

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