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Moisty Maul
Feb Member 2019

Moisty Maul

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Hello lovely players,

Minigames have always been a great part of RuneScape and now OSRS, however I see some minigames being dead content. This is in my opinion a bad evolution the game is taking right now, since it is an unique part of this game. In this post I am going to take you into why this is happening and to provide for a plan to take action against this unwanted evolution. All minigames should be a playable, enjoyable and in some way profitable (xp/gp/gear) piece of content.

The main reason why this happens is quite easy: Efficiency.
Everyone plays the most efficient way to achieve as fast as possible their goal. This makes a lot of minigames unnecessary and only few are heavily played.

Some minigames are inferior compared to skilling or bossing (eg: Range guild/gnome ball/LMS). Other minigames can be "abused" in order to obtain their BIS gear ASAP (eg: dual logging or AFK'ing Castle Wars). Other minigames give superior AFK-able XP-rates (eg: NMZ). Another mistake within the current minigames are the inferior gear rewards (eg: Penance gloves in Barbarian Assault).

In order to combat this evolution of dieing content, I would like that two J-Mods are assigned to improve minigames. Hereby they will make every month a plan with the community (Forums & Reddit) to revive/improve one minigame.

Hereby the output of the plan would give this result for the minigame:
*- The minigame gives a comparable XP or GP gain, compareed to skilling or bossing for low/med/high level players OR/AND
*- The minigame unlocks gear which are just slightly better than buyable gear (eg: halo, or maybe something for skilling?) for a certain group of players OR/AND
*- The minigame can provide a gold/item drain which is necessary for the game

By assessing every minigame this way, minigames will become a more vital part of the game and won't stay/become dead content. They will get back their right to be played.

I hope you care,

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id rather see nightmare zone reworked into more of a group activity than seeing in abolished entirely. but i agree that its too popular and its too easy to train combat with it.

id also love to see the return of classics like stealing creation. and before the cult of RS3 haters starts whining, stealing creation was RS2 content.
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04-Mar-2019 15:10:23



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Skysunder said:
before the cult of RS3 haters starts whining, stealing creation was RS2 content.
Is it in RS3? Yes.
Is it in OSRS? No.

It's RS3 content.

No support for RS3 content. We want content that is new and unique to OSRS, not a copy-pasta from RS3.
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04-Mar-2019 15:30:32

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