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When you have to go to places like Entrana or the fight with Thorvald The Warrior, I think it would be nice to have whatever restricted items you are wearing pointed out ( for example by having the npc telling you, or having the items light up shortly).
The reason that I am bringing that up, is because of an irritating experience I had during the warrior part of the "Fremennik Trials" quest.
The only equipment I had was jewelry and a god book, but I was not allowed down in the basement, and I had no idea what the "forbidden item" was, I went back and banked 2 items: the enchanted key and a shovel....
I assume it was the shovel that prevented me from entering since that could work as a weapon, but not in RS since it can't be equipped. Is it just me who think it's silly that a shovel, which can't be equipped, counts as a weapon?
If that was pointed out to me by the game from the start, I would had been spared wasted time and frustration.
I try to give myself as much an advantage within the game's rules, but in situations like this, I feel that it is impossible unless I am able to read the developers' mind

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