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JalYt Thermy
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JalYt Thermy

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Upon completion of the Monkey Madness 2 quest, the apes and monkeys of Ape Atoll become non-aggressive toward the player. This removes a once-valuable training spot in the gorilla guards within the Temple of Marimbo.

I propose the ability to insult Hafuba, the gorilla priest upstairs (the location one teleports to when using Ape Atoll teleport) which will cause the gorillas within the temple to become aggressive toward the player following the same rules of aggression they did prior to the quest.

In order to revert this, players will have the option to apologize to Hafuba. He will forgive them, and the gorillas will become non-aggressive again.


Possible hangups:

>It might not be technically possible to just undo the non-aggression pact of the temple alone. It may be easier to just make the whole island aggressive again. Lore-wise the player could instead insult Marimbo herself in front of Hafuba which would be more likely to anger everymonkey.

>Players could more easily reset aggression by apologizing to Hafuba then insulting him again rather than walking far enough to accomplish said goal. Given that Monkey Madness 2 unlocked a buffed chinning/bursting spot I don't see why this would be that big of a deal (also Nightmarezone would still be better XP/hr), but I thought I'd cover it anyways.

>Nightmarezone still exists.

01-May-2019 11:07:06

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