return of revenants

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NO they don't replace PVP.

i'v had this idea bouncing around in my head ever since oldschool came out.

when you kill a player in the wilderness there is a 10% chance to spawn a revenant that is close to the level of the player you killed. im not asking for ten million different types of revenants, just human revenants with different level brackets. like 17 35 65 79 98 122 ect. say you killed a player with a combat level between 3-24 you'd have a level 17 revenant spawn.

the revenants combat style could be random as well. melee/ranged.magic

this revenant would spawn anywhere in the wilderness, but slowly chase down whomever killed the player who spawned it until they leave the wilderness. then its just a random roaming monster.

not sure what the revenants should drop.
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07-Mar-2019 11:47:55

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