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So recently I got a master clue that need angler outfit. I tried the molch thing but found it a bit boring. So I wanted to try fishing trawler, and found that is is sorely needing some QOL.

First thing - A timer so you know when the boat is coming back.

Second thing - if the boat had a cap of players (maybe 25?) so that multiple boats could go out at a time much like Pest control.

Third thing - People from Australia, like myself, on w370, often get put of the boat because when we click a leak to repair or net to inspect by the time our ping gets to the server the net is repaired or the leak is fixed. Perhaps a mechanic where when you click on the leak, even if someone else repairs if first you still repair it. Much like repairing the braziers in wintertodt. (This may also require the leads to be visable for at least 5 ticks)

These 3 fixes will make the minigame much more enjoyable. I don't like waiting 10-13 mins to get on the boat only to click like a mad man and not get any repairs done to be booted off to have to wait again.

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1. When it's coming back isn't guaranteed, because the boat can sink and force it back early. If you're waiting for the boat to return, it probably doesn't matter when it's coming back because you'll be there until it is.

2. Why is this quality of life? I'm not opposed to the idea (more boats might use the bailing method if this happened), but it's not really "quality of life."

3. Sure.
I'll keep score from now on.
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25-Mar-2019 01:08:08

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